Sales and Marketing

Photo by Bet_Noire/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Bet_Noire/iStock / Getty Images

My aim is to help clients to make more money (through helping them achieve legally what they want to do creatively and commercially), and to keep the money they have made (through not incurring unnecessary expenses or fines).

Through access to an extensive legal support network, I am able to provide risk weighted, legal and strategic advice on a broad range of issues including:

Compliance:  end to end supply chain legal compliance, advance planning and reviews.

Supply chain contracts: for tooling, manufacturing, warehousing and freight, supply and retail

Sales channels: distribution, retail, direct marketing and direct selling.

Sales techniques: 

Advertising – print, radio, tv, outdoor, online, including comparative advertising.

Sales promotions (eg draft and review competition and promotion terms and conditions).

Events and sponsorship.

Other online activities, such as:

·         text promotions

·         web promotions eg advertising and interactive social media campaigns across all online platforms including Twitter and Facebook, participation competitions with video uploads and voting features, giveaways, and friend-get-friend campaigns

The consumer:  advice on consumer protection rights in respect of eg, spam and privacy and under, eg, the Fair Trading Act and the Consumer Guarantees Act.

What do I review and/or draft?:  copy, claims, offers, competition terms, loyalty programmes and other buy incentives

I’ve found that getting involved early (eg at concept and story board stage to identify potential “sticking points” under New Zealand law and suggest solutions) is significantly more cost effective than reviewing once a creative concept has been locked down or, worse, once execution is well down the track.

When things go wrong:  responding to all forms of complaints and regulatory investigations.

To stay current each week I track legal developments in these areas across Australia, New Zealand and the UK then blog about them.   Sign up for updates

I help clients grasp opportunities that will boost their competitive advantage. I do this by making sure that clients understand their tolerance for risk then I focus my advice to reflect that risk tolerance. I tell you how you can achieve your commercial goals – not stand in your way.